How To Choose A Pressure Cook Online.

True it is that our lifestyle has changed. No longer women spend their entire day in the kitchen cooking for their family. Life has gone fast; trends have changed. Most of the women are seen working from morning till evening and hardly find time to cook food that takes a lot of preparation time. So they are always looking for ready-made solutions. A pressure cooker is an ideal tool which can help them get out of this confusion. Every time they want to please their family with delicious dishes, they can make use of cookers which promisingly reduces the cooking time to half or less.
Acquiring a pressure cooker online is not easy a task, especially for the newbies’?but it can be simplified by having a good information on cookers.

Types of cookers

wsedsdTwo types of cookers are commonly used; those made of steel and those made of aluminium. Women usually prefer stainless steel cookers over aluminium ones. This is because stainless steel is an excellent conductor of electricity and its properties of being light weight and durability make it stand out of the crowd. Aluminium, on the other hand does not conduct heat in a uniform manner and leads to instant staining. Consequently, aluminium cookers do not last long.


Although, pressure cookers come in various sizes but the three sizes commonly sold are four quart, six quart and eight quart. Four quart is designed to meet the need of a single individual; six quart is meant to cook food for small or medium sized families whereas the size of eight quart is perfect for making food for large size families. Opt for the size which you find suitable.
Make sure you go for a branded cooker as it will be reliable and long lasting. Before you buy the cooker, make certain that all accessories like handles, rubber ring, and weight valve are functional.

How to use

A pressure cooker purchased is futile unless you do not know how to practically use and handle it. Many cooker manufacturing companies give out clear instructions that whenever you are cooking hard foods such as meat and pulses, the cooker should not be filled with more than two-third mark of water otherwise, it may not be able to hold in the high pressure and may blow up.

wsddsfA common mistake that people usually make while releasing cooker steam is that once the pressure time for the recipe is over, they immediately pull out its weighted valve and let all the steam flow out; this action is responsible for major kitchen accidents. The proper way is to take the cooker off the stove and let it stay for about ten to fifteen minutes. This will slow down the steam creating process and allow thorough tenderizing of food.