a couch, coffee table, lamp shade in a living room

How to Decorate Small Living Rooms for Your Home

It makes quite a difference when decorating in a way that maximizes space and light, and you should also pay attention when it comes to choosing color, weight, and scale. Strategies like these can transform a place you will feel is aesthetically pleasing rather than feeling cramped. Small living rooms ideas can be shared or copied from around tricking the human eye into making the room appear spacious

Traditional designs aren’t the best solution for living room decor for small space. New things are interesting to try.  Take an example of long, flowing drapes which draw attention to vertical space which expand the room area instead of using blinds when it comes to window treatments. Living rooms are for entertainment and relaxation space regardless of the size. Below are some of the favorite ways to make it feel more spacious.

Use of Neutral Colors

beige color for living roomNeutral colors are the most popular ideas when it comes to furniture upholstery, ceiling, walls and floor.  A palette of off-beiges or white will enlarge the space by appearing to have pushed back the walls.  Reflection of light can be illuminated when you use soft hues. Moreover, enlarging the living room neutral palette will create a calming environment and imparts instant sophistication.

Lightweight Furniture Appearance

When shopping for furniture, put into consideration its visual weight.  Design, color, and size are object-based to perceive the heaviness.  Space is constricted when you pick heavier ones comparing to pieces that have the lightweight appearance. The living room space will seem open when no furnishings are obstructing views. Opt for pale colors over dark ones. Boxy pieces aren’t good comparing to pieces with legs.

Mirrors Decoration

a mirror, flower vessel, table lambDesigners strategically place mirrors in small places to make them feel more substantial. Creating a focal point by hanging a large mirror at a central location is one of the most common ideas. By placing a candle or pendant lamp as a source of light, there will be a reflection of light adding a nice ambiance.

An illusion of another window will be created if you position a mirror across from your window reflecting the view.

Small Scale Furniture

It’s recommended to select furniture that appears not to dominate the living room space.  Take an example of a sofa with a multi-cushion back and strong arms; one will prefer a couch with a tightly upholstered back with thin arms. Never do a sofa if space is tight, you either do position four chairs around a coffee table or choose a loveseat.